Chus Antón

Photographer Chus Antón captures, with help from his friends and creatives Gregory Clavijo and Ahida Agirre, the youth culture in Madrid. An interesting topic considering the political environment of the city. For Antón, it was important to show the dynamic of the place and how it's constantly changing: “I love the city and I'm still fascinated by this ‘chaos’, this ‘schizophrenic’ place where people with opposite ideals and ethics live side by side. It's like a kaleidoscope.”

Kelia Anne MacCluskey

I really love the work of Kelia Anne MacCluskey, an American photographer who makes daily events look romantic and sometimes even dream worthy. By using pale colors and portraits of young people MacCluskey portrays a naive and almost innocent perception of the world. For more sweet stuff, check out her VSCO page. 

Indulgence by Tyler Shields

The great Tyler Shields takes on Hollywood luxury and high fashion in a provocative editorial that makes an ingenious statement on brand mania and consumption. Shields employs high-end brands to mundane products, by for instance, replacing a coke and milk bottle with the famous Hermès logo. He plays with the way we look at these brands and lets us question their importance. All seriousness aside, I would drink that Louis Vuitton champagne all day - every day!