Alexandra von Fuerst + Sonja Fabritius

Loving this collaboration between photographer Alexandra von Fuerst and fashion designer Sonja Fabritius. This is the first part of a long term study focusing on colors, patterns and materials. The color blue surrounds everything and cancels the meaning of space and time. You can't really go wrong with blue now can you? Bubblin!

Tsilli Pines

I love a good infographic every once and a while. Tsilli Pines made a series on how money (and numbers) dominate our lives. They present something once imaginary and also very real. The infographics are dominated by black and red, the colors of accounting. Content aside, the results are interesting and beautiful compositions. 

Ryan Berkley

I am seriously loving these illustrations by Portland-based designer Ryan Berkley. I have a weak spot for art that showcases animals in human clothing. For a more traditional interpretation, have a look at Thierry Poncelet and his amazing paintings

Marion Luttenberger

Check out this great graphic designer / art director from Austria, who makes some amazing visual (mostly food related) imagery. Her project for Goodforks, a company that promotes a new sustainable food system, really showcases her talent as an artist. Take a look at her Behance account for more good stuff. 

Fashion week Invitations s/s 14

On the Wallpaper* website, I came across these invitations for the womenswear collections S/S 14. It's great to see the translation of a brand's identity onto a physical invitation.