Charlotte Heal x Mark Sanders

Giving a new meaning to the the term 'nude', British art director and designer Charlotte Heal and photographer Mark Sanders explore new aesthetics concerning the topic. In the series 'Contours', they combine soft fashion portraits with subtle nude silhouettes. The duo forces the viewer to take a second look by playing with pastel hues and different shapes and forms.

Kelia Anne MacCluskey

I really love the work of Kelia Anne MacCluskey, an American photographer who makes daily events look romantic and sometimes even dream worthy. By using pale colors and portraits of young people MacCluskey portrays a naive and almost innocent perception of the world. For more sweet stuff, check out her VSCO page. 

comme des Garçons S/S16

There's always something intriguing about Comme des Garçons. The S/S 16 collection is no different as Rei Kawakubo surprises us with moody yet powerful garments. Exploring the concept of witches, "who are strong yet often misunderstood women" as said by her husband and business partner Adrian Joffer. Key elements of this collection? Definitely power and mystery. The mixture of fabrics, colors and volume leaves you with a feeling of "What did I just see? That's insane. I love it.". These photographs by Osma Harvilahti are the perfect tease.

Alexandra von Fuerst + Sonja Fabritius

Loving this collaboration between photographer Alexandra von Fuerst and fashion designer Sonja Fabritius. This is the first part of a long term study focusing on colors, patterns and materials. The color blue surrounds everything and cancels the meaning of space and time. You can't really go wrong with blue now can you? Bubblin!

Undercurrent by Jillian Boustred

Seriously digging the Undercurrent collection by recent graduate Jillian Boustred. With a background in painting, she created different garments that are more like art pieces. Undercurrent stems from the exploration of contemporary abstract artists such as Dale Frank and Cy Twombly. By keeping the garments simple, structured and oversized, she was able to experiment with colour and texture. 

Indulgence by Tyler Shields

The great Tyler Shields takes on Hollywood luxury and high fashion in a provocative editorial that makes an ingenious statement on brand mania and consumption. Shields employs high-end brands to mundane products, by for instance, replacing a coke and milk bottle with the famous Hermès logo. He plays with the way we look at these brands and lets us question their importance. All seriousness aside, I would drink that Louis Vuitton champagne all day - every day! 

Coperni Femme

Totally loving the new collection for SS/15 of the french label Coperni Femme. Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant met at Mod'Art International Fashion School in Paris and have been creating together ever since. Meyer does all the creative work while Vaillant is responsible for the business side of the brand. The three key elements of the collection are 'architecture, cut and minimalism'. "We like the idea that some clothes look simple at a first glance but you actually need more time to understand the way it's made. Even if some pieces seem easy, there is a lot of importance in the details". Yes, please!

Vans x Opening Ceremony

Fifty years after his death, René Magritte is making a comeback with this capsule collection by Vans X Opening Ceremony. The 'Magritte collection' shows five different designs, based on his most iconic paintings. They're printed on the all-time classic from Vans: the authentic. This limited edition collection consists of 300 copies worldwide and is only available here. Don't hesitate on buying them, it's a statement piece that I personally love to wear. 

Entre Chien et Loup

A friend introduced me to 'Entre Chien et Loup', a brand that focuses on making beautiful bow ties. I was happy to attend their pop up store in Antwerp and learned more about their vision, work process and ambitions, check out the interview below. Also make sure to visit their website for more information.

If you are interested, you can attend the Kosturas pop up store this weekend in Antwerp. 

Could you introduce yourself?  

Entre Chien et Loup is actually a collaboration between me, Isabel Naesens, and my boyfriend, Sam Peeters. I work full time as an architect at Stéphane Beel Architects and I live in Antwerp. All the bow ties are made by myself, whereas Sam carefully inspects every bow tie to ensure the design and fabrication are on point. He also comes up with the names and quotes.

How did ‘Entre Chien et Loup' come about? Where does the name come from?

My boyfriend came up with the name. “Entre Chien et Loup” literally means “between dog and wolf” in French. It is a poetic saying that means “twilight”.  This is the hour when you start thinking about your outfit for the night.

 How does the design process of a bow tie come about? 

The fabric is always the main focus point. This is where the design starts. For each bow tie I seek the best way to fold it, how large it should be, with or without corners, etc. It all depends on the pattern, the thickness and the allure of the fabric. Searching for the right materials is part of the fun, and takes quite a bit of time! Sometimes designer fabrics are sold, temporarily. I've picked up some nice ones from Belgian designers Raf Simons and Natan, for example. 

Do you plan on expanding your brand? Selling more then just bow ties?

Entre Chien et Loup could become a more extended male accessory brand for “the dapper gent” with pocket squares, cufflinks etc. But for the moment our main goal is to make the perfect bow tie.

 I noticed that you always use very interesting and beautiful imagery of your designs, combining them with different textures and colors. How important is the visual aspect of presenting the bow ties? 

It is very important. If you start a brand it’s not only the product that you sell, it is also an atmosphere, a style, a fantasy… Entre Chien et Loup offers bow ties that are made with care, from fine fabrics, it would be a shame not to demonstrate this. This is why we always use a good reflex camera and spend a lot of time getting the decor and lighting just right. It’s a lot of fun to create something beautiful. That’s what we enjoy doing.

Finally, how do you see the future for 'entre chien et loup'? "

We would like to grow our business without compromising our vision. It would be great to have a busy web shop and find our collections in our favorite men’s stores.

Maison Martin Margiela + Mykita

I always get excited when MMM (one of my all-time favorite brands) announce a collaboration. This time around, they chose to work with Berlin based eyewear manufacturer Mykita. They published this video to show off their results. "Somber, and almost bleak, the video is understated and simple, with minimal music and absolutely no dialogue. The film follows individuals through cityscapes and country roads as they ultimately stare up into the sky, sunlight reflecting off the lenses oft the collection's two models: the Duals and the Essentials". 

Alexander Wang + H&M

Oh yes! One of my favorite designers, Alexander Wang, confirmed to a collaboration with H&M. "I am honored to be a part of H&M's design collaborations. The work with their team is an exciting, fun process. They are very open to pushing boundaries and to set a platform for creativity. This will be a great way for a wider audience to experience elements of the Alexander Wang brand and lifestyle." Can't wait! 

Lernert Engelberts + Sander Plug

I adore this project by dutch designers Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug. Their latest project called 'Last Season' showcases a reduction of last season knitted garments from FW13 collections by Céline, Chloé, Jil Sander and Prada to balls of yarn. They define it as symbols of hope and aspiration. 

Future Shock

The Korean brand Cres.E Dim launched their new collection, 'Future Shock', for F/W 2014. The designer Kim Hongbum combines rich materials with abstract and digital textures. The collection is the perfect mix between high fashion and urban ease.