Zoë Slock

I love a good fashion drawing, especially when they come from my good friend Zoë. I adore her style and the way she combines great fashion content with amazing use of color. Of course I asked her a couple of questions to go alongside her work. To check out more of her illustrations / graphic work, take a look at her Flickr page.  

Where are you from?

I'm from Haacht, Belgium.

What is your biggest source of inspiration? Does it come easy to you?

Most of my inspiration comes from the fashion world although music plays a big part in creating a drawing as well. But no, inspiration doesn't come easy. There are always good and bad days. Sometimes I overthink the drawing too much and then I have to put it aside for a few days and start again later.

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently I'm working on a set of four drawings. I'm using a different technique so it's taking longer than I expected. The eventual goal is silk-screening them when they are finished.

What is your favorite technique to use?

I love working with watercolor and pencils because I think that this technique adds more value to a drawing. It gives more emotion and feeling to it.

Which exciting trends or artists are you following at the moment?

I don't think i'm really following any trends besides the sunglasses I draw frequently. My all time favorite artist is David Downton, his fashion drawings always inspire me a lot.