Miriam Laubscher

I came across this amazing, upcoming fashion designer Miriam Laubscher. Found her on the website of the Royal Academy of Antwerp and became totally obsessed with her collection 'Nightingale'. I got the chance to ask her a couple of questions about her fashion plans. Make sure to check out her Flickr page for some amazing imagery. 

Where are you from? 

I grew up in Biel (Switzerland).

What inspired you to make the Nightingale collection?

It's a radical conceptual collection inspired by night with a sparkle of mystery. The Nightingale as a metaphor for human nightlife. The fragile femininity as contrast of the edgy nightlife. I play with a lot of contrast and tension; dark-light, fragile-rough, heavy-lightly, in-outside, edgy and luxury. I am using clothes to tell a story.

What are you working on at the moment?

For the moment I am working on different textile techniques, from experimental to very classic.

What are your future plans regarding fashion?

To create collections. To be free in my own choices. 

Which exciting trends or artists are you following at the moment? 

I try not to to think too much in trends. I try to listen to my  instinct. I like to create my own story. But I’m a very curious person, very into fashion and art as well as different cultures.